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April 9, 2018 by admin0

This portfolio showcases a range of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design projects managed and completed by Squareyard Director Adam Vickers while working in previous roles.

As such credit for the images should be given to Plincke, LFA Pacific and Building Design Partnership as appropriate.

Prior to forming Squareyard, Director Adam Vickers worked on a number of high profile, multidisciplinary schemes including education, residential, public realm, urban regeneration and mixed use projects. Adams extensive experience in Landscape Architecture and Landscape Construction advise the work carried out by Squareyard, ensuring we maintain a client focused and commercially responsive approach to our designs. We maintain the same Quality Assurance procedures followed while working at larger organisations and operate on leading design platforms to ensure we can maximise efficiency while maintaining high design standards. Squareyard follow a stringent design process to ensure our early concepts are realised on site using contemporary robust details to deliver vibrant multi-functional spaces.

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March 26, 2018 by admin0

Squareyard create high quality detail packages to advise the construction process and ensure design intent is delivered on site. Our construction information effectively communicate our designs to the contractor enabling works to progress smoothly on site with minimum queries.

Our streamlined production process enables us to move from concept to detail efficiently, delivering comprehensive drawing and specification packages for tender and construction. We have extensive knowledge of the construction process from a background in landscape contracting. This knowledge allows us to deliver packages which are simple to build and affordable from the outset, reducing revisions to suit budgets and construction constraints.

Using our experience from the commercial plant nursery industry, we are able to specify appropriate plant palettes suited to site constraints, landscape character and client budgets. We have specialist knowledge of plant specification which enables our team to deliver exemplary soft landscape schemes, providing landscape and amenity value from day one.

We have worked on a number of large-scale habitat creation projects, requiring set up of on site nurseries to contract grow project specific plant stock. This knowledge can be applied to larger schemes within other sectors allowing clients to get best value, by reducing supply costs and increasing plant stock sizes at completion.