How We Do It · Squareyard

At Squareyard Landscape Architects we believe that good design starts by establishing a detailed understanding of the cultural, physical and environmental context. Taking cues from the cultural fabric, the surrounding landscape, and the existing natural systems, we can create cohesive development proposals which provide enhancements to their context and the existing communities.

By adopting a community focused, landscape led approach we are able to produce design proposals which are visually sensitive, locally appropriate and supportable from the outset.

Look out > look in > pioneer > establish > develop

  • Look Out to the surrounding landscape, cultural context and local community

  • Look In to the core of the brief and the history of the site

  • Pioneer new ideas, new connections and new habitats

  • Establish cultural ties, diverse ecosystems and a strong sense of place

  • Develop dynamic communities, social cohesion and sustainable futures.


Our Mission Statement:

  • To generate socially and historically relevant design concepts, providing a legible narrative to cultural and environmental heritage
  • To combine local materials, robust detailing and traditional craftsmanship, to create timeless spaces appropriate to the site context
  • To incorporate natural systems and implement environmentally sensitive design solutions wherever possible within the scope of our projects
  • To use locally appropriate plant combinations to ensure cohesion with the adjacent landscape and provide valuable habitats for biodiversity
  • To create simple spaces that are accommodating and adaptable to a range of uses and, to future cultural and economic change
  • To ensure all our projects are culturally and physically accessible to all
  • To involve, empower and enhance communities throughout our design process attaining to social cohesion and positive economic change